Truth Marked

Truth Marked




When a shapeshifter, an AI and two federal agents cross paths, weapons fly and disturbing truths come to light.

Xavier Osiris Hill is a shapeshifting descendant of Queen Nefertiti and one of thousands of supernatural beings around the world who must hide their true identities to survive.

His ability to do so is severely threatened when a powerful artificial intelligence blames him for the death of the man who made her feel human. She seeks her revenge on everyone he cares about.

Xavier races to stop her while two government agents with their own dark secrets move to stop them both.

When the four of them confront each other and the truth, everyone learns that it’s impossible to cross the line between revenge and redemption without losing your way.

This is Book Two of The Anubis Tales urban fantasy series.



Genre: Urban Fantasy

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Formats: Ebook